Join us now

Nominate City Pharmacy to dispense your prescriptions. It takes less than a minute.

We are now located inside the Boroughbury Medical Centre. There’s plenty of parking, easy access from the surgery and state of the art equipment to improve patient safety. 

Free delivery

Your surgery can now send your prescription to us at City Pharmacy electronically. It is reliable, secure and confidential. Once we receive your prescription our pharmacist will make sure everything is OK. When it is ready we can send you a free SMS text message, so you will know when your prescription is ready and you can collect your prescription at your own convenience. No more waiting at home all day for a delivery or multiple trips to the pharmacy. 

We don’t use couriers in Peterborough and only use our own friendly delivery drivers so you get to see the same faces. Our delivery service is for those patients who may find it difficult to get to the pharmacy. 

The delivery service is currently for the residents of Peterborough only. A nominal charge of £2 per delivery may apply.

Investing in the future

We have invested in new state of the art systems which fundamentally changes the way that our pharmacy works, creating new efficiencies and delivering a platform that opens up new possibilities for the future of our pharmacy. We manage your prescription journey through a series of digital stages with barcoding at the heart of the process.

We hope to introduce artificial intelligence to aid our process in the near future, with the comfort of knowing that at the heart of the process the pharmacist is fully in control and has more time now to focus on you.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Integrating further digital solutions has allowed us to reduce the number of prescriptions we print. This means less consumables and paper which contributes to the NHS long term plan of reducing it’s carbon footprint as well as saving the NHS costly paper prescription tokens.

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